The Impact School Spirit Has on Fundraising

Charities and other nonprofit organizations have recently fallen on hard financial times. The dwindling economy has led to more need for services provided by charities while making it more difficult to raise the funding required to stay afloat, much less golf tournament fundraising ideas to enable a ramp up to meet increasing demand. Fundraising events, which have historically been the financial pillar holding up an organization, are becoming less and less effective as major revenue generators. This is primarily due to the reluctance of more and more people to spend money on things viewed as luxury items. Charity banquets, golf tournaments, and the like are producing lackluster profits at best and revenue losses at worst. As people continue to be reluctant to buy, nonprofit groups are forced to become more creative in their fundraising methods. There are, however, good answers available when looking for ways to effectively generate revenue in these tough financial times.

1. Build up your donor list

This can be done, in many cases relatively easily by employing a few basic networking strategies. Ask your board members for a list of people that they know. ( You may even wish to start a motivational program to help board members expand their networks.) Ask those that have benefited from your organization’s activities in the past for a list of their contacts. Finally, ALWAYS carry business cards and exchange them at every opportunity.

2. Look into affinity-type programs

Affinity programs create a mutually beneficial relationship between a for profit company and a nonprofit organization. These programs provide discounted services and products to contributors, income to nonprofits, and more customers to the for profit company. Products available for this type of program range from telecommunications services (home phone, cell phones, satellite tv, etc.) to credit cards to car rentals and more. (The author is directly affiliated with a telecom provider that offers an affinity program.)

3. Update your website

Make sure that your website is geared for Web 2.0. This means taking advantage of video clips, lead capture pages, “Donate Now” buttons along with other website optimization techniques. Start a Facebook or other social networking page and link it to your current website. Use Twitter to create a buzz online about your cause and any charitable activities you are currently involved in.

The bottom line when looking for creative ways to diminish the effect of the down economy on your fundraising efforts is to diversify your efforts so that your organization is not reliant upon a single large fundraising event just to stay afloat.


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