Pronounce English Words Correctly in 4 Simple Steps

Knowing how to pronounce English phrases correctly whenever isn’t always smooth! I normally pay attention phrases like “colleague,” “purchase,” “hippopotamus,” “refrigerator”, and yes, even “pronunciation” mispronounced.

To pronounce English phrases successfully, you want to take 4 important factors into attention:

1. Syllables
How many syllables (beats) are inside the phrase? Where are the syllable breaks?

For instance:
col.League (2)
pur.Chase (2)
hip.Po.Pot.A.Mus (five)
re.Fri.Ger.A.Tor (five)
seasoned.Nun.Ci.A.Tion (5)

2. Word Stress
After you have how to pronounce entrepreneur determined what number of syllables a phrase has, you’ll need to decide which syllable need to be emphasised more than the others. Word pressure is extremely important in the appropriate pronunciation of phrases due to the fact wrong word pressure is one of the essential motives why you may be misunderstood.

For example:

three. Sound Production
To pronounce words effectively, of course you want so as to produce the sounds that make up the phrases! At the same time, you have to remember the fact that when individual sounds are put together in words, and words are linked collectively in sentences, the individual sounds can without difficulty alternate.

One of the maximum not unusual adjustments is called “vowel discount.” Vowel discount is what happens to many vowels whilst they’re no longer part of the harassed syllable of a phrase. The regular vowel sound adjustments (is reduced) to something that seems like “uh.” This sound is called the “schwa” in phonetics and its phonetic symbol is an the other way up, decrease case  f95zone letter “E.”

Here are some examples of vowel discount. Notice how the schwa sound seems within the unstressed syllables:

4. Repetition
In the case of pronunciation, practice doesn’t necessarily make perfect. If you pronounce the phrase incorrectly on every occasion you assert it, you will best make your wrong pronunciation extra suggested (no pun intented). Before you begin to exercise announcing the word, make sure to discover an appropriate pronunciation. Check on-line dictionaries, a very good pronunciation audio path, or ask a very relied on speaker to say the phrase for you.

Once you are 100% positive of the best pronunciation, then it’s time to practice. Try repeating the word at the same time as searching in a replicate and how many acres is a football field audio recording yourself. Watch the way your mouth actions to make the distinctive sounds. Listen to the recording and examine it to the model pronunciation. Then, just preserve running at it.

If you placed a few attempt into the way you pronounce words, you will be aware a right away lower within the quantity of misunderstandings you’ve got with others. You’ll additionally locate that your cognizance is raised and you’ll pay extra interest to the pronunciation of phrases around you, either by using buddies and associates, or pronunciations you pay attention on the radio or TV.

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