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Birth Numbers and what they imply were my passion for over 4 many years and the concept of past lives – modern-day associations – destiny connections has interested me for many years. Allow me to preserve: If you were born on the 3rd, 12th, 21st or thirtieth of any month you have a ‘past lifestyles’ connection with any Sagittarian you meet in this lifestyles! The easiest way to provide this concept is to offer an instance for even in case you don’t consider inside the concept of having lived before – many human beings do.

No matter what Astrological signal you’re on this lifestyles if you had been born to Birth Number Three the month of the year ‘ruled’ by Sagittarius will show an thrilling month – name it fateful, eventful, thrilling or, miserable as! Let me start by means of pronouncing if this is your Birth Number you’ve got a ‘memory’ of 인천 호빠  me (for I’m a Sagittarian!) you’ll act or react consequently to the words I use or, in case you met me in person love me or detest me! In the use of the idea of dinner party conversations (I’ve usually discovered it less complicated to give an explanation for complicated concepts over a nice glass of purple!) lets think you were my hostess born to the 30th of March (the 12 months of your delivery isn’t critical). You’re ‘reminiscence’ of me (Sag) might be stirred or shaken for for your past live you were male (30th March = Aries, a male sign) and I being the male Sagittarian on this existence brings recollections of a male to male connection. Becomes exciting eh!

We could have been father and son, brothers, good friends or fanatics (male to male)! Or warriors in some struggle – murderer or murdered! The idea of past lives isn’t all Anthony and Cleopatra – there are sufficient accessible already! No, it’s approximately memories on a cellular stage being stirred or introduced to the surface in conjunction with unconscious actions or reactions.

Continuing with the above idea of you being a Birth Number Three born in Aries and me being a Sagittarian allow’s count on I became born on the twenty seventh November, ninth December or 18th December (once more, the yr of my start is not important) matters actually grow to be exciting for the dates I’ve simply given represent ‘intimate’ connections inside the beyond no longer only a few indistinct or vacuous reminiscence! Something is going on inside you in conjunction with some thing occurring inside me for I (being born to any of the dates mentioned in Sagittarius) would have a memory of you! Now we input the realm of SOUL MATES…

Numerology and Astrology were my existence and passion for over 30 years. I’ve been posted severa instances and now have some thing new to provide on every occasion I hit the keyboard – who desires to read the same old equal old? I agree with if you have a philosophy and no person knows about it, it doesn’t mean some thing. If you have got an idea or perception and inform nobody – it is meaningless.

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